Denis Stilke

10 snare drum solos

Level of difficulty: medium to advanced
Book, 56 pages, with detailed descriptions

Catalog No.: cm 50109
ISBN 978-940161-08-6
ISMN M-700260-23-1
€ 17.50
Denis Stilke: "The pieces I am presenting here originate from my work with snare drum rudiments, stickings and other snare techniques, which I found especially exciting. My intention was not just to put together some complicated figures, but rather to get a musical idea going that is developed, varied or contrasted in the course of each piece. The result is music of great intensity. For details, see the description at the beginning of each piece.
Working on these pieces is easiest and the most fun with good technique. This means having a thorough understanding of the rudiments, and the ability to play dynamically. With that in mind, this collection can motivate you to try out what you can do already, improve on the weak spots, and, last but not least, be creative yourself!"


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